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Everledger CEO Leanne Kemp hails the recent progress in the fight against climate change — although much more needs done to #RestoreOurEarth. The growth of tech-for-good and provenance transparency will prove critical.

This year’s Earth Day will bring together world leaders and millions of supporters from across the globe under the banner #RestoreOurEarth. It’s a sobering thought that the first Earth Day was more than 50 years ago. …

BY LOUISE MERCER // Chief Experience Officer

Louise Mercer, Chief Experience Officer at Everledger, argues that new retail behaviours from the last 12 months won’t be unlearned in the luxury goods market. This rapid evolution pushes the need for digital provenance up the agenda.

The pandemic has accelerated the shift to e-commerce by five years, according to IBM’s annual U.S. Retail Index. It feels about right, doesn’t it? People never bought groceries online before. Now they do. People once said they’d never buy clothes online, because they need to try them on. Now they do.

Even when COVID-19 subsides and…

BY LAUREN ROMAN // Business Development Director Metals & Minerals

The growing momentum in the electric vehicle industry is pushing battery repurposing, recycling, and disposal up the agenda. The onus on battery life cycle management globally is placed on vehicle manufacturers, over the actual battery manufacturers. This obligation to sustainably manage battery materials is also a financial and reputational opportunity, given the vast second-life potential for electric vehicle batteries (EVBs) and the fast-emerging circular economy.

Further up the chain, the car dealerships, independent garages and auto recyclers are going to wind up with these batteries, which can then move onwards…

BY CARRIE GEORGE // VP and Head of Sustainability & Impact

Everledger’s Carrie George identifies opportunities for the Biden-Harris administration to make sustainable environmental progress.

The Biden-Harris administration clearly returned climate change to the top of the agenda with an executive order and steps to return to the UN-backed Paris Agreement. And on the ground, many states, cities and businesses chose to continue forward with climate change commitments despite the previous administration’s attempts to unravel climate protections over the last four years. …

BY LAUREN ROMAN // Business Development Director Metals & Minerals

It’s game on, says Everledger’s Lauren Roman, Business Development Director for the Metals & Minerals Ecosystem. But what does the potential surge in production mean for the future of EV batteries?

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was the breakthrough year for electric vehicles (EVs) and electric vehicle batteries (EVBs). The defining steps for a prolific 2021 were taken during the last 12 months, and particularly by Tesla in the US, which has shored up 80% of the market. …

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BY PETER HUGHES // Head of Australia & New Zealand

Peter Hughes, Head of Australia & New Zealand at Everledger, explains how a not-for-profit body for the Australian wool industry will use the Everledger Platform to create new sources of value for wool farmers, manufacturers and retailers.

Merino sheep are celebrated globally for producing the world’s finest, softest and most beautiful wool. Known as nature’s miracle fibre, merino wool also creates a much lower ecological footprint when compared to synthetic materials. Synonymous with Australia, which produces around 90 percent of the world’s fine apparel wool, the far-roaming flocks are a…

BY CARRIE GEORGE // Head of Sustainability

Everledger’s Head of Sustainability Carrie George asks whether the application of OECD Due Diligence in the diamond industry can help raise standards all along the pipeline, in response to growing consumer expectations for ethical sourcing.

“Was this diamond ethically sourced?”

Finding a convincing answer to this question is easier today than it was 20 or even 10 years ago — whether for consumers or those stakeholders further upstream. …

The Everledger Platform

BY LOUISE MERCER // Chief Experience Officer

Louise Mercer, Everledger’s Chief Experience Officer, reveals her thinking behind the recent updates to the Everledger Platform. Simple, bold ideas can help solve the most complex industry challenges.

At Everledger, we use blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technology coupled with industry partnerships to improve supply chain transparency where it matters. Our initial focus has been on the diamond industry, but now we have established our influence in other categories such as gemstones, apparel, wine and luxury items, as well as circular economy. It’s not breaking news that the global COVID-19 pandemic has…

BY CALOGERO SCIBETTA// Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

The Global Brand Counterfeiting Report has recently estimated losses of nearly $100bn, demonstrating the growing extent of counterfeiting in luxury goods. Before the parasite eventually consumes its host, can blockchain luxury goods help the brands to fight back and protect their identity?

The global luxury goods market is arguably becoming a victim of its own success. …

This year is memorable for an obvious reason, but that didn’t stop us from having more fascinating adventures at Everledger. We’ve picked our highlights.

2020 will long be remembered as a year like no other. For many people and their families, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought severe challenges they couldn’t have foreseen before February. For businesses too, including our clients in the diamond and luxury goods industries, the sudden disruption to supply chains, extended social lockdown and economic slow-down have impacted their plans for growth. …


Everledger is an independent technology company helping businesses surface and converge asset information, through blockchain, AI, and intelligent labelling.

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